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Product name : Lipolaser/UU1401
Product No. : 201772715337
Name/Model : Lipolaser/UU1401
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 portable new manual diode laser lipolysis precio de lipolaser slimming machine

130mw/diode output is most effective for body slimming!



Technical Parameters:

Laser Type: Diode Laser 
Diode Laser  635-650nm
Energy 130mW/Diode
Diode number/pad 8
Pad Quantity  10 large pads, 4 small pads
Power Output:  100VA
Cool Requirements Air cooled
Voltage 240V/5A/50HZ   110V/5A/60HZ
Mode of Operation Continuous



What can it do for you?

Fat dissolving and body contouring

♦Strengthen and tighten skin

Promote metabolism, lymphatic drainage and blood circulation

Skin lifting and rejuvenation

Repair post-pregnancy line



Who is the candidate?

1. Normal obesity

2. Edema obesity 

3. Stubborn obesity

4. Body firming to avoid slack

5. Vasodilator 


Product Show:


How it works?

Principle of Laser Slimming
Laser emits low levels of laser energy and it creates a chemical signal in the fat cells that breaking down the store triglycerides into fatty acids, glycerol and water molecules. Then, these substances will transport through the body by lymphatic systems to supply the body with energy. A period of laser treatment will complete the metabolism of fat acids and then the fat cell will be smaller to achieve body shaping.



Original status Laser create chemical signal Pore are formed in the cell Triglycerides break into fat acids, glycerol and water Fat acids, glycerol and water are metabolized Fat cell size become small



•130mw/diode output is most effective for body slimming

•Laser can apply on thick part of body but also thin skin area such as arm, neck etc

•Results of treatment area will be very even

Non-invasive, non-surgical and no side effect

Fast effect treatment and no rebound

Flexible to chose quantity of the pads


Control Screen:



Treatment Results: Before and After



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