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Products > Radio Frequency Beauty Machine > > Radio Frequency RF Slimming Machine /NK-RFC202
Product name : Radio Frequency RF Slimming Machine /NK-RFC202
Product No. : 2015521165948
Name/Model : Radio Frequency RF Slimming Machine /NK-RFC202
Technology : NK-RFC202
Power : 0.3MHz RF
Handpiece : 150W
GW : 65*45*50 cm
Packing : 16KG
Delivery : 3-5 Days
MOQ : 1 Set
Warranty : Host machine for 1 year,FREE accessories for 6 months
Certificate : CE
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 NK-RFC202/ Radio Frequency RF Slimming Machine 




Monopolar RF / Unipolar RF




1)      Body slimming, fat reduction

2)      Skin rejuvenation

3)      Face life, wrinkle & fine line removal


1)      Electrode heads: 6 pcs

2)      L-Shape RF wand: 1 pc

3)      I-Shape RF wand: 1 pc

4)      Electrode plate: 1 pc

RF Frequency



52*50*32 cm

Package Size

65*45*50 cm

Net Weight

16 KG



Control System

8” Full color screen control




RF or radio frequency working theory

Radio frequency or RF skin tightening treatment is an innovative therapy that uses radio frequency electromagnetic waves (energy waves in the range of about 3 kHz to 300 GHz) to stimulate collagen development deep within the dermal layers of the skin. Radio frequency re-structures and contracts existing collagen and stimulates fresh collagen production to give noticeable yet natural results. Clients benefit from a healthier, smoother and more youthful looking skin.

The unique combination of processes involved in RF skin tightening provides both an immediate uplifting effect, followed by further longer term skin tightening, restructuring and rejuvenating benefits.


Benefits of RF

1. Painless and Non-Surgical way to remove fat and cellulite.

2. Reduce fat in problem areas: Thighs, hips, stomach, back, arms, chin, etc.

3. Tighten and tone skin, reduce sagging skin.

It is FAST and EFFECTIVE. Start seeing results after just ONE 30-50 minute session!




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