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Product name : AP5 / PDT Dermaroller
Product No. : 201552118122
Name/Model : AP5 / PDT Dermaroller
Technology : AP5
Power : AP5 / PDT Dermaroller
Handpiece : 
GW : 18cmx17cmx6cm
Packing : 0.3KG
Delivery : 3-5 Days
Warranty : 
Certificate : CE
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AP5 / PDT Dermaroller




1.use the human growth natural healing ability,not stiffen skin or skin cells caused contraction.

Micro-needles can make a lot tiny channels and thus active ingredient effectively penetrate the skin(using only six minutes,can produce more than 300000 small hole)better than the general cosmetics direct role in the dermis.

2.minimal side effect.

3.Micro-needles therapy is effective,safe and reliable.Operation is simple and price is reasonable.

4.Simple micro-needle care,general outdoor activities,including the sun

5.Throughout the design-intensive,a total of 192 needles acupuncture needle with a distance of only 0.3mm,to achieve the best healing effect.



2)Photon therapy

The theoretical basis of photon therapy is that biological tissues absorb the light energy and transfer light energy into heat and chemical energy, resulting in a series of chain reactions of human body, there are four types: light-induced decomposition, light-induced oxidation, light-induced polymerization and light-sensitization. Different wave length of light have different biological effects.

1.405mm blue light to eliminate acne inflammation: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory renewal, inhibit sebum secretion, has anti-aging effects, and make the skin soft, smooth, white and charming!

2.633mm high-energy narrow-band red light, speed up healing: to make human muscle and skin resistance to fatigue, promote cell metabolism.

3. Resonate with mitochondria of human tissue, strongly absorbed by mitochondria, produces enzymatic reaction.

4. Output power 1-30mW.

5. Can use closely, irradiate accurately on parts.



3)Operation(how to use it?):

1.Choose appropriate length of needle according to the treatment.

2. Take out the derma roller , aim at three holes of the derma roller handle, insert the raised part to sunk part as Fig, and connect power supply line.

3.Disinfect with medical use alcohol and the derma roller handle, apply appropriate functional nutrient solution on skin need cared.

4.Press the micro-needle cover gently, to take the derma roller out.

5.Put the derma roller on skin, move in type, scrolling back and forth orderly, rolling in each direction 5 or 6 times each local about 10-15 minutes.

6.The beautician should concentrate, the rolling of the derma roller should be meticulous and dense, the strength should be uniform.

7.pply cool mask after derma roller treatment, it has the effect of easing, eliminating redness and moisturizing.

8.Pay attention to anti-inflammation and sun blocking.


1). Replaceable derma roller
2).405 nm high energy blue light
633 nm high energy narrow spectrum red light
Red Therapy(Recovery)
Blue Therapy(Whitening)
3).Portable and easy to use




1. Scar removal including acne scar removal or treatment.

2. Stretch mark removal

3. Anti ageing.

4. Anti wrinkle

5. Cellulite treatment/ cellulite reduction or removal.

6. Hair loss treatment/ hair restoration

7. Hyper pigmentation treatment.


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