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Products > Microneedle Derma Roller > 540 Needles Roller > Derma Roller (540 needles)
Product name : Derma Roller (540 needles)
Product No. : 2015518153257
Name/Model : Derma Roller (540 needles)
Technology : NK540
Power : Derma Roller
Handpiece : 
GW : 16.5*4.5*4.5/1pc/100g 34*25.5*23cm/50pcs/5KG 49*35*24cm/100pcs/10KG 49*35*44cm/200pcs/20KG
Packing : 16.5*4.5*4.5/1pc/100g 34*25.5*23cm/50pcs/5KG 49*35*24cm/100pcs/10KG 49*35*44cm/200pcs/20KG
Delivery : 3-5 Days
Warranty : 
Certificate : CE
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 NK540 Derma Roller
540 needles in total
Needle Material: Stainless Steel
Needle Length:0.2/0.25/0.3/0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm
Handle Material:Plastic
Handle Color:Whtite/Black
Roller Material: Medical Silicone
Roller Color:Black/Red/Blue

How does the derma roller works ?                                                       
The Dermaroller stimulates the body’s natural collagen, elastin and blood vessel production in order to produce new and vibrant, healthy skin. Dermaroller uses hundreds of micro-needles to penetrate the skin of your target area. The treatment causes a reaction which triggers your body to “fill” these micro holes with new collagen and elastin. Dermaroller is one of the only cosmetic procedures that assists the body in creating new blood vessels to the skin. These new vessels (capillaries) can then bring essential nutrients, vitamins and growth factors that are involved in the production of newly formed collagen and elastin in the target area.
How quickly will you see results?                                          
You see results within 2-3 days after treatment with continued improvement up to 6-10 weeks after the procedure. Because collagen production occurs naturally, and at the cellular level, your skin can continue to look smoother and firmer for up to one year after the procedure.
What does it treat?                                                     
v       Wrinkles and fine lines
v       Sun damage
v       Acne or chicken pox scars
v       Large pores
v       Burn scars
v       Stretch marks
v       Uneven skin pigmentation
v       Oily skin
v       Loose and sagging skin in trouble regions like arms and buttocks
Advantages Over Other Procedures?                                        
Some ablative procedures, such as laser, work by removing or destroying the uppermost skin layers which thins the skin – making it fragile. Instead, Dermaroller stimulates and renews skin cells so:
You can return to regular activities immediately after treatment. No down-time!
There is no post treatment pain or bleeding
It’s safe for all skin types
You can repeat treatments to maintain younger, healthier looking skin.
What's the length of the micro needles?                                      
We have 5 sizes length of microneedles. 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0mm.
v       0.2 mm and 0.5 mm is for home / personal usage
v       1.0 mm and 1.5 mm is for beautician usage
v       2.0 mm is for physician usage
How to operate the microneedle derma roller ?                               
If using the Dermaroller on your face, do not use on the eyelids or lips. Roll the Dermaroller over the area in question several times in different directions. 4 Rolls vertically, horizontally and each diagonal is more than enough to stimulate collagen formation in the skin. Do not press too hard, as this is not necessary for excellent results.
How many treatments should i use?                                              
Before and After Results                                                                      
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